ZX zx sd card logo Files
pic pic TAR dot-command pic
pic ATTR Calc
pic Basic Service Editor
pic Beta Basic 1.8
pic Beta Basic 1.9
pic Faster Basic
pic MoveBas pic
pic Screens&Fonts Calc
pic SoftPlay
pic Turbo Compiler 2.1
pic Utility 2
pic ZIP compiler

pic pic Specasm pic
pic ZEUS Complete (PRO) pic
pic FoxMon
pic MadMon 1.2
pic MON 2+
pic MONS 3
pic MONS 3M21
pic MONS 4.1
pic Singlestep
pic Utility 3
pic VAT
pic VAST

pic pic ProText
pic pic D-Text 3.6 pic

pic AY Test 0.2
pic pic Cursor Draw Reborn
pic Gramon
pic Sound Editor
pic pic VU-3D

pic pic LnxCopy
pic Autocopy pic
pic Borec
pic BS Copy 1+ pic
pic BS Copy 2 pic
pic BS Copy 3 pic
pic BS Copy 128 pic
pic Gargantua 2.0
pic Gargantua 2.1
pic JP Clone
pic Korektor pic
pic Lady Copy
pic Mcopy
pic MrCopy 84
pic MrCopy 85/3H
pic MrCopy 86
pic O-Copy 1.1
pic Simple Copy pic
pic Tape Manager 07
pic Tape Manager 09 pic

pic Port Demonstration
pic Key test pic
pic ZX Keyboard test
pic Raxoft test
pic Kempston Wheel Mouse Tester 2 pic
pic Mouse demo
pic Kempston Mouse test
pic Kempston Mouse Unidriver
pic Cursor Driver
pic Kempston Mouse Driver
pic Logan pic
pic Logan 93 pic
pic PortScope pic
pic TactMeter

pic pic ZXZVM
pic Arrow
pic Kalendar 2000 pic
pic Calendar
pic pic SCL2TRD
pic WindowX
pic BT-100 Copy
pic RPN Calculators pic
pic Hiragana Font for MK1 pic pic
pic ZX Calc

pic pic 64 columns
pic 42 characters
pic 42 characters pic
pic 64 columns pic
pic 64x32
pic HI-T
pic Micro-print 42-85
pic Mprint
pic Print 42,64
pic Print 40/50 pic
pic Print-42 pic
pic Print 4x pic

Hey, what about all these TAR files? Where are my old speccy tap(e)s? :-) Well, tap-files match a retrocomputing magnetic tape data format and are becoming more obsolete now. Taps have several serious limits and cannot compete with modern systems, there are issues with sequential data, repeated loadings, configuration files, direct access to storage media and many other issues, so...

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