ZX zx sd card logo Files
Software for the 20MHz Z80-CPU eLeMeNt ZX computer and for the best Speccy add-on: MB03+ Ultimate interface. Both (if available) TAR and TAP versions can be also downloaded from: /download/elzxmb/.
pic LnxCopy 1.7 pic
pic LnxCommander 0.3 pic
pic Lnx Text Editor (FDMA Ed.)
pic HRC Print Driver
pic LFN Browser 1.0 (TurboCPU) pic
pic Wild Disk Copier 1.62 (Z-Cntrl) pic
pic .2BROWSE (TurboCPU) pic
pic LnxView pic
pic TurboSound FM Tunes
pic SoundDMA Play demo
pic HQ Digital Audio Player (MB03+)
pic HardSID (real SID) Player
pic Monty on the Run (SID) pic
pic Masters of Magic (SID) pic
pic S98 Player
pic Wild Player 3.33 (Z-Cntrl) pic
pic NSID (emuSID) Player
pic Turbosound Tunes
pic The Last V8 (TSound, Spectrum SE)
pic Z-Player 4.1
pic GS Control for esxDOS pic
pic Alienate
pic Simple Amiga Modules Player
pic GS software collection
pic HRXC Demo
pic Tochi demo for eLeMeNt ZX
pic This is World of WarCraft
pic HiResColour (HRC) Demo
pic LIM Slideshow
pic GigaScreen Slideshow
pic Abuse ZX (Gigascreen)
pic GigaScreen Demos
pic KeyLayer test
pic Radastan Slideshow
pic Radastan Demonstrations
pic Radastan Control for esxDOS
pic Radastan Mandelbrot
pic Rad. Movie Player for esxDOS
pic Games for Radastan
pic HiColour games
pic PF 2024
pic Highway Encounter (HGFX edition)
pic Three Weeks in Paradise
pic HGFX HAM8 pictures
pic HGFX NICCC demo
pic Agony animation
pic HGFX text demo
pic HGFX plot demo
pic 256 colour HiRes gfx
pic HGFX sprites demo
pic eLeMeNt logo on water
pic HGFX 3D cube
pic SuperHiRes demo
pic HGFX demonstrations 2
pic DMA Playfield Scroll
pic Planetos realtime animation
pic Sam Coupe Mode 4 screens viewer
pic FastDMA test
pic NaPIKu pic
pic DMA Demo 1 & 2
pic DMA Demo 3
pic DNA Demo
pic DMA games
pic DMA Test
pic eLeMeNt ZX FPGA Core updater
pic eLeMeNt ZX SetUp flasher
pic eLeMeNt esxDOS/ROMs flasher
pic eLeMeNt ZX SetUp
pic MB03+ ReFlasher 1.5
pic MB03+ esxDOS flasher
pic MB03+ SetUp
pic MB03+ CustomROM flasher
pic Wi-Fi Setup 1.5 (eLeMeNt ZX) pic
pic SARAH client 1.1 (eLeMeNt ZX) pic
pic Terminal 0.3 (eLeMeNt ZX) pic
pic Serial USB Copy 0.8 (eL.ZX/MB) pic
pic Wi-Fi BIOS 1.9 (eL.ZX/MB) pic
pic Wi-Fi Setup 1.5 (MB03+) pic
pic SARAH client 1.1 (MB03+) pic
pic Terminal 0.3 (MB03+) pic
pic Moon Rabbit 1.6 (MB03+) pic
pic uGophy (MB03+) pic
pic MB03+ RTC setup
pic Qlock
pic Time to Go
pic Clock
pic TimeSync
pic MClock (RTC 72421)
pic RTC Setup (RTC 72421)
pic Subliminal Extacy #4, HRC version pic
pic Subliminal Extacy #5, HRC version
pic Subliminal Extacy #5, HRC version
pic Simple dot-cmds for esxDOS
pic LCU Test v4
pic ULA+ Colours for BASIC pic
pic Multi Run

Hey, what about all these TAR files? Where are my old speccy tap(e)s? :-) Well, tap-files match a retrocomputing magnetic tape data format and are becoming more obsolete now. Taps have several serious limits and cannot compete with modern systems, there are issues with sequential data, repeated loadings, configuration files, direct access to storage media and many other issues, so...

switch to the esxDOS collection from esxdos.zxfiles.net