ZX zx sd card logo Files

pic 7th Element pic
pic Boxes pic
pic Chemi Chaos
pic Coloristic
pic Hex 2
pic Inertia
pic Lafix 2
pic Magic
pic Mahjong
pic Mahjong pic
pic Match 3
pic Nazoler
pic Pariboro
pic Peking
pic Pipes
pic Puzznic
pic Return to Holy Tower (Radastan) pic
pic Quad
pic Quiltrex
pic Sewerage
pic Slither
pic Spych
pic Stepping Stones
pic Unicorn
pic Vexed
pic WHB

pic Tetris
pic Color Tetris pic
pic Dark Tetris
pic Easy Tetris pic
pic Kuatris
pic Mastertetris
pic Mockatetris
pic Night Tetris
pic Super Tetris
pic Tetris (original)
pic Tetris 1.4 pic
pic Tetris 2019
pic Tetris 2 pic
pic Tetris 2C pic
pic Tetris 3
pic Tetris 3Z
pic Tetris CE
pic Tetris DC
pic Tetris KS
pic Tetris RS
pic GameBoy Tetris (+2A/+3) pic

pic Antarctica
pic pic Curse of Rabenstein pic
pic Donum pic
pic Great Testing pic
pic Queen´s Footsteps 1-4
pic Revolt pic
pic Silk Dust 1-4
pic La Tormenta pic pic
pic Two Days to Race 1-4

pic B-Elite
pic Dark Side of Galaxy
pic pic Lords of Midnights (esxDOS) pic

Hey, what about all these TAR files? Where are my old speccy tap(e)s? :-) Well, tap-files match a retrocomputing magnetic tape data format and are becoming more obsolete now. Taps have several serious limits and cannot compete with modern systems, there are issues with sequential data, repeated loadings, configuration files, direct access to storage media and many other issues, so...

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